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We could talk about dentistry n stuff but it isn't about it. It's about us, people, about values and beliefs. Dentistry is just our job and we love practicing it. We think inside out, outside the box, to create a new world. We're some kind of mythbusters in the system. We live outlawz and we believe that more should do.

We believe that a change starts from open minded guys and we believe in people who have the courage to expose the vulnerbility of an open mind.

We believe in crazy, controversial, freaks.

#our movie. Genre: Biography, comedy, sarcasm

The bald one or Alin how his friends don’t call him. Born in Vama veche, eventhough he would have loved to come from a small village near Braila. In weekends he patrols surrounded by scary people in Interbelic, Expirat, Eden Garden or his Hub from Floreasca.

At the end of his 6 years of research in dentistry, together with his good friend, Cristi, realises that their future is Dentistry Hub.

The blind one how his mates call him or Cristinel, his real name, because his parents loved him so much. Addicted to business books, huge lover of ski and youtubology specialist. In 2017 he has tattooed, "Do" on his finger to make people believe that he is not lazy.

He hasn't got a girlfriend because he is concerned about his carrier. After 6 years, he finished dentistry and densitry finished him and now he dreams about a world less ignorant.

Alin and Cristi, or how their mates called them in college "Hey, stop talking ‘cause i can't pay attention to the class"
Young, but with old techniques, using antique equipment and performing pain dentistry.
Are the hubbers going to change something in dentistry?! We’ll see.

Audience: tattooed, educated, modest, sarcastics, creatives, law-abidings, vamaiots.

#our people.

We know that there is the strong belief that you choose your dentist by recommendation. We recommend you to come to us, but we think it’s best for you to listen to the patients that already have brought their teeth to our home.

#why us.

Free Uber

We know the parking issue from Bucharest, so if you don t come by bike (less polution, active lifestyle, stuff like that), Uber is on us.

Lifetime guarantee

110% of our patients have been satisfied by our services but if you’ll be the exception from the rule, you just have to tell us that you didn t like the Dentistry Hub experience and we guarantee you lifetime proffesional cleanings, twice a year.

15% discount for students

We believe in open-minded teenagers with creative ideas and different thinking, so… bring your student badge.

Vlogging is the future

Do you have minimum 10k subscribers on youtube? Post a vlog with the Dentistry Hub experience and you get a 50% discount. The blog will make it, also.

Bring a book, take a book

Bring us a book which opened your mind and we offer you one in exchange. More than that, you have 5% discount for your teeth.


#your money, our salary.

"Live your life with YOUR teeth."

Check in (first appointment)

Dentist-patient mating ritual.

Price: 77 RON

Oral wash (cleaning)

"Twice a year, we like to refresh ourselves" - signed, Teeth.

Price: 297 RON


Cover my hole with some sand, created by your hand.

Price: 297 RON


Clothes don't make you human, but "clothing" makes your teeth.

Price: 997-1197-1397 RON

Unyellowing (whitening)

Angelina Jolie wants you to have teeth like her.

Price: 797 RON


Charming with its curves, finesse and sensitivity. Afrodita between Gods, Venus between planets.

Price: 1397 RON


Tough, rough and manly just like a lumberjack.

Price: 1797-2597-3197 RON

Temporary crown

Time passes, just like this crown.

Price: 87 RON


Tooth fairy gives you back your money for this tooth.

Price: 197-397 RON

Parodonta X

I stop your gingiva from bleeding.

Price: 497 RON

Wires (orthodontic treatment)

The ugly Betty for 1 year, trust in yourself for life.

Price: 2497-4997 RON

Nerv treatment (endo)

We offer funeral services for your nerves.

Price: 397-497 RON

"The first two pairs of teeth are free."

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Giaccomo Puccini street, no. 8A, 3rd floor, Bucharest


0722 869 707


Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 21:00
Sat: 09:00 - 18:00

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