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We could talk about dentistry as a simple job, but it is more than that. It’s about us as humans, it’s about our beliefs and principles.

It’s the job we practice passionately, but in backstage stands the drive which fuels our mission: explaining dentistry in simple words. 

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Cristi Nedelcu

Dentist with a serious case of vloggerism

In college, he was afraid that he ll not be able to use that sophisticated medical language and this might show a lack of professionalism. Despite that, he decided that he wants to explain dentistry in simple words that can be understood by a 7 year old child. Experience and time were proof that he had only to win promoting dentistry by using a common language, offering his patients the transparency of the dental treatment.

Alin Tanase

General Dentist

Alin here! I am writing this text with a numb cheek (no kidding), since I have just been a patient after a while, so I remembered how terrible my job is for you. Now I feel you. I am challenged by the labours that require patience and meticulosity, that's why I'm bald, I am carefully watching how my hair grows again. I have recently invested some time and resources in a better understanding of occlusion (bite) and I am fascinated by this topic.

Alexandra Boza

Specialised in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

When Alexandra steps into the dental office, we allign in front of her. Even the teeth allign. Alexandra is our orthodontist.

Lala Lapugean

Web dizainar

Et farst ui uar duing da web part aloin end ui didnt anderstand uai da paicients didnt trast as, bat Laura convinced as det ui nided har to dil da sait.

Alina Andreea Savastre

General Dentist & Surgery Resident

Her contagious energy, discipline and courage represent the combo strengths of the dental practitioner Alina.

Denisa Gologan

General Dentist & Orthodontist Resident

Cheerful, likeable, smiling are the characteristics which are perfectly balanced by determination, firmness and responsability.

Alexandra Cornea

General Dentist & Parodontology Resident

If there were 123 instruments to put a filling, Alexandra would invent the 124th. Meticulosity and care for details are her main strengths.

Irina Adela


Irina has a good vibe, she works a lot (because we are a great team and she can t leave us), cheerful, smart and a good communicator. More than that, we suspect her of having a 3rd hand hidden.

Andreea Paladoiu


After many interviews in search of a perfect assistant, finally we got Andreea, a great human being. She has only 2 speeds, fast and very fast, or discipline and very discipline.

Cristina Chirculescu

Future dentist

Not many students are like Cristina. We chose to mentor her because of her main qualities: early courage and involvement.

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We know that there is the strong belief that you choose your dentist by recommendation. We recommend you to come to us, but we think it’s best for you to listen to the patients that already have brought their teeth to our home.

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Uber on the house

We know the parking issue from Bucharest, so if you don t come by bike (less polution, active lifestyle), Uber is on us.

15% discount for students

#the discounts do not apply to treatments where a third party collaborates.

Vlogging is the future

Do you have minimum 50k subscribers on youtube? Post a vlog with the Dentistry Hub experience and you get a 20% discount. The blog will make it, also.

Bring a book, take a book

Bring us a book which opened your mind and we offer you one in exchange. More than that, you have 5% discount for your teeth.


#your money, our salary.

"Live your life with YOUR teeth."

Check in (first appointment)

Dentist-patient mating ritual.

Price: 100 RON

Oral wash (cleaning)

"Twice a year, we like to refresh ourselves" - signed, Teeth.

Price: 350 RON


Cover my hole with some sand, created by your hand.

Price: 250-350 RON


Clothes don't make you human, but "clothing" makes your teeth.

Price: 1000-1600 RON

Unyellowing (whitening)

Angelina Jolie wants you to have teeth like her.

Price: 800 RON


Charming with its curves, finesse and sensitivity. Afrodita between Gods, Venus between planets.

Price: 400 EUR


Tough, rough and manly just like a lumberjack.

Price: 2850 RON (600 EUR)

Temporary crown

Time passes, just like this crown.

Price: 80 RON


Tooth fairy gives you back your money for this tooth.

Price: 300-700 RON

Parodonta X

I stop your gingiva from bleeding.

Price: 500 RON

Wires (orthodontic treatment)

The ugly Betty for 1 year, trust in yourself for life.

Price: 2500-5000 RON

Nerv treatment (endo)

We offer funeral services for your nerves.

Price: 500-700 RON
#the discounts do not apply to treatments where a third party collaborates.

"The first two pairs of teeth are free."

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Giaccomo Puccini street, no. 8A, 3rd floor, Bucharest


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Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 21:00

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