Vlad Andriescu


Vlad Andriescu

"Do you know dentists? I have been for 6 years to a fat guy from Iasi, when I had brackets in my mouth. I remember that I hated that guy. 1, because despite he was making me well, my maths teacher was calling me teh ugly Betty and 2, because he used to rest his hand on my head while he was talking about cars with his brother. So eventhough I know it wasn't right, I've never been to a dentist since then. Until 2 weeks ago, when I discovered Cristi n Alin from Dentistry Hub. 

It's the type of dental office where you don't go like you go to a normal dental office. Because nobody wants to go to the dentist, it is not a wish, it is a need. I haven t heard somebody who wants to sit with the head upside-down and to continuously spit saliva. But here, the time passes a lil bit better. Good music, jokes, relaxing time, quality work, mouth water in Jack Daniel's bottle, hashtags and vinyls. And you'll become a star in their InstaStorys, no doubt."

Vlad Andriescu, Start-up.ro Editor

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