Life gives you choices.


Life gives you choices.

I gave up the hope that the girl I loved calls me on the hope that a new patient calls for an appointment. 

I gave up on the road to her heart for a 100 km high way from Bucharest to Pitesti, at the dental office. 

I gave up surprising her with post-its all over the house for surprising my patients with the member card design or sticker design. 

I replaced the lazyness from the weekends under the sun with the work from weekends, looking at the sun only by the window. 

Love creativity is been replaced with selling creativity. 

I replaced the tiny argues from a relationship with big argues with dental suppliers.

I have changed the pics from holidays with patient before n after pics.

Money don t go on presents anymore, they are spent on dental gadgets and advertising. 

I don t know anymore what is the meaning of love, beside the love for my job. 

I can probably continue the list. But life goes on. 

This Easter I’m nostalgic, there are days n days, u know… These are the sacrifices of a business, of a dream, of a vision… The question is the next one: is this worth it? It better should.

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