Love what you do, but why?


Love what you do, but why?

It s wednesday and your friends call you to ask you if you join them to Vivo Burger on Saturday. You accept, of course, it’s weekend, that medium-rare burger is dope. Saturday comes, the appointments start from 10, 12 and 5 o’clock but you also have a social cause and you promised him you do his teeth and the only hour available for appointment is 2 o’clock. That’s why you gotta love what you do.

The patient from 10 o’clock doesn’t come, doesn’t answer the phone, but you’re at the dental office from 9, awake from 8. On Saturday. That’s why you gotta love what you do.

Your mates from the clinic organise a party in Pitesti celebrating 9 years from the opening, where by the way, people are awesome. On Friday you have a patient programmed in Bucharest at 12 o’clock cause that’s the only hour available for her. You call her and ask her if she can switch to Saturday, but she can’t. She says that she can come next week, but you don’t wanna already reschedule your patients so… you sacrifice the party. That’s why… you gotta love what you do.

You also can go to Pitesti and leave the party at 1 o’clock after midnight and be in Bucharest at 3, to wake up at 8, cause you have an appointment at 10. But the patient does not appear and does not answer anymore. That’s why you gotta love what you do.

Your parents ask you when do you come home cause you haven t been since more than one month but you don t have much time cause.. from Monday till Thursday you are a dentist in Pitesti and from Friday till Sunday you work in Bucharest as a dentist, front desk manager, assistant, cleaning guy and entrepreneur. The rent isn’t gonna pay for itself and you know.. neither me and the woman who gave birth to me aren’t f**king with Tiriac. That’s why… you know.

Birocracy and IRM blow your mind and when you think it’s done, your accountant tells you that the contracts aren’t ready and you have to drive to Braila, your hometown, to fix it, meaning other physical and mental efforts. That’s why you gotta love what you do. (Love the process - Gary Vaynerchuk)

You haven’t seen your dog which you love him so much since 2 months already and you receive this pic but you have patients programmed 2 months from now on.

I hope the message is clear.. If you want something so bad, my advice is to not be surprised by the sacrifices that you gotta make. They come together with the purposes from the deepest parts of your mind. But if you don’t desire it so much, if you don’t LOVE the compromises of the process… no chance.

I have read this a long time ago in a book.

"Do it as if your food tonight depends on it."

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